The Fear of Being Lonely

The Fear of Being Lonely

You may have been out with your friends and you drive back home. Instead of reminiscing more about what a fun time you had and that you hope to do this again, you are focusing more on that your friends are gone. By learning how to relax and enjoy yourself when you are alone, you will realize that loneliness is not the end of the world.

The fear of being lonely is a real fear called autophobia or monophobia. It is a very powerful fear where you feel heavy anxiety whenever you are alone that you will try your hardest to fill up your schedule or being with people who treat you badly just to avoid being alone. This fear can stem from trauma from being harmed one time when you were alone with no one there to help you or it can come from a fear of being abandoned. Being afraid of being alone can mean that you would be willing to have a relationship with someone who is awful to you just because you feel like it is better than being alone in the house. This can also mean that you think lowly of yourself in that you create high expectations that being a complete person means that someone always has to be with you at all times. Remember that just because you are alone now does not mean this will be a permanent problem.

In order to avoid your fear of being alone, you should try to find some activities to distract you that will make you happy. This can mean treating yourself to the movies, going to the library to pick up an entertaining book, growing a garden, making a quilt, or anything else that will bring fun into your day without being dependent on other people to get it done. You should also try meditation or yoga whenever your fear starts to occur. ust need to focus on your breath and stay in the moments instead of being too absorbed in your thoughts. Start overcoming your fear by being alone for fifteen minutes every day so that you can get used to the idea. Keep increasing the amount every day until you realize that being alone is not so bad. If the symptoms become more severe, speak to a professional about why you are afraid to be alone and what can be done about it.

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