The Coolest Technology Inventions Related to Alcohol

thermal Technology

Between apps, robots, and other forms of technology, inventions continue to surface to the multi-faceted discussion of utility, feasibility, diversification and versatility, safety/security, and more. Shows such as “Shark Tank” provide just a glimpse into the creations that lead well into marketing; products related to alcohol and safety have become even more widely suggested, and here are some of the coolest to date:

  • Thermal facial imaging: Alcohol has been known to increase body temperature in the face and a potential invention has involved detection of this in 2 diverse ways: 1) using an algorithm to compare photos in a database of those drunk and sober, and 2) using an algorithm to determine whether one’s facial heat is due to heavy drinking. This could be used in airports, liquor stores, and other places to inhibit someone from getting more alcohol if they’ve already had enough.
  • Alcohol sensors in cars: USA Today described a new generation of technology that could involve preventing a car from operating if the driver is drunk. Researchers are considering 2 different approaches: 1) measuring BAC from someone’s breath by installing sensors mounted in front of the driver, or 2) screening alcohol through finger-tip sensors on the steering wheel and start button with an infrared light scanner.  
  • Transdermal system: This involves body-worn devices such as ankle bracelets, and they gauge the person’s BAC levels through their sweat.
  • BreathAdvisor: Already created, Fox 13 highlighted Jason Knott’s invention as one that is placed in bars. The machine dispenses a straw after $2 is paid, and the customer blows into the straw, displaying their BAC. The machine has been said to provide phone numbers to local cab companies as well.

Not all these inventions have been created, but many researchers are considering the development of them. One dispute raised with inventions such as the alcohol sensors is that many Americans do not want their tax dollars to go towards something such as this. Other inventions have been created that have proven helpful to alcohol safety, such as Drink Savvy, which sells cups that test for drugs which could prevent concerns such as date rape. Drink Safe Technologies has produced a similar product, with coasters that detect two of the most common date rape drugs, GHB and Ketamine.

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