The Best Takeaways from New Year’s Eve

New Year’s goals

For those of us in recovery, New Year’s Eve can seem daunting. New Year’s Eve is known for celebration, gatherings, food, games, and more. The perception of New Year’s Eve is that it should involve a reconnection with loved ones, a remembrance of how far we’ve come, and a goal and hope for bettering ourselves even further the next year. There are many wonderful outcomes that New Years can bring, especially for those of us in recovery. They are:

  • Pride. Since NYE can be challenging due to temptations and triggers, if we have had a successful night of sobriety while making lasting memories with friends, we can feel proud of ourselves for getting this far. Not over-indulging during New Year’s is a huge feat, because many people rationalize their excessive drinking because of their goals for the next year. Healthy Place states that redeeming ourselves and proving to ourselves that we can make safe choices is a wonderful way to build self-confidence in our recovery.
  • Building our support team. With the temptation to drink during NYE, having friends and family around us who support and uplift are recovery goals is crucial. If you have a wonderful night with people who appreciate your success in recovery so far, that’s a wonderful accomplishment.
  • Learning experiences. Drinking during NYE can be tempting, and if your original goal was sobriety and you relapsed, this is a wonderful opportunity to review the lesson that you learned and what triggered you to drink. The holidays provide add pressure due to excessive drinking being normalized. Relapse doesn’t mean that you have failed, it means that you have reached another learning opportunity in this point of your recovery.
  • The importance of recognizing our feelings and emotions. In addition to relapse, NYE can teach us the best ways to manage our triggers and whom we can rely on in times of need. Consider New Year’s a time for learning more about yourself and a time to rise even stronger than you have before.

Although there’s the worry that many things could go wrong with New Year’s, there’s also many things that could go right. If you’re worried about being confronted by alcohol, go to places where alcohol isn’t served. Attend a sober party. Spend time with friends and family who don’t want to drink either. New Year’s is a wonderful way to find out how you can have fun and who you can have fun with in a safe and sober way.

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