The 3 Components of Change Anyone Making a Change Needs

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The world is changing around us every second of the day. Making changes within ourselves is harder to accept than the changes outside of us, outside of our control.


Being ready to change

Readiness and willingness go hand in hand in recovery. Willingness is considered a critical element of recovery alongside open-mindedness and honesty. It takes someone being honest with themselves about their addiction, open-minded to solutions for their addiction, and willing to try out whatever it takes to overcome their addiction, to recover. Without readiness and willingness, nothing else follows. An addict or an alcoholic who isn’t ready to change is not going to be willing to change. Somewhere in their mind they are still convinced that they do not have a problem with drugs and alcohol. They might be aware that they have a problem, but are simply not ready to change, which is a roadblock to recovery.


Roadblocks to change

Everyone has a habit or behavior they hold onto which isn’t good for them. Few every day habits of self-destruction will be as devastating as addiction to drugs and alcohol. From the outside it is hard to understand. What could get in the way of going to treatment and changing the way you live your life once you’ve become addicted to drugs and alcohol? The roadblocks to change we create are different for each of us. There is a benefit for holding onto the behaviors we hold onto by resisting change. Ultimately, our roadblocks to change are caused by fear of change itself.

Relapse from change

Creating significant life change is hard to do. If it were easy, people might take to making changes more readily. Individuals in recovery are exemplary of the strength and persistence needed to make a change. Relapse from active recovery back into active addiction can happen but it doesn’t have to. Every day, people make a change in their lives for good by giving up drugs and alcohol completely. This small act changes everything.


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