Starting A Meditation Practice

Meditation Practice
Meditation is a practice in focusing the mind on the breath and releasing the thoughts. Practicing meditation is a practice in listening. We hear our minds all day but we rarely listen to what our minds are truly telling us. Meditation calms down the chatter of the buys mind, handing the internal microphone to the wisdom of the silent mind. Spiritual in nature but proven scientifically, meditation is a practice for mind and body, reducing stress and relieving symptoms of cravings.

Why do I need to meditate in recovery?

You don’t need to meditate in recovery. It is, however, strongly suggested that you do choose to meditate in recovery. Meditation is part of the twelve steps, for example. Meditation is also a scientifically backed process for healing the brain as well as the body. You should practice meditation in your recovery because it helps you stay centered and grounded when you feel like you are losing your security in day to day moments. Meditation helps you regulate your emotions and your stress which helps you be more productive and successful in your sobriety.

How often should I meditate in recovery?

Meditation should be a daily practice. Many people in recovery come to find that they prefer how they feel when they are meditating regularly, once or twice a day. Each day you wake up in recover, you wake up to a chance at a “daily reprieve” from drugs and alcohol. “What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition,’ it is explained in Alcoholics Anonymous. Meditation is part of that daily maintenance for the spiritual condition required for living sober.


What if I can’t quiet my mind?

Some specific disciplines of meditation ask you to quiet your mind to what is called “no-mind” state. Meditation does not require your mind to be empty or still, though that will come in time. Meditation is simply about taking the time to find peace and quiet within yourself by focusing on the breath. In time, your mind will quiet down more as you learn to let go of the thoughts as they come and remain focused on the breath.

How long do I have to meditate for?

Research has found that all it takes for meditation to be beneficial is five to ten minutes. Just a short period of time is enough to help your brain and your body relax, find peace, and take a spiritual moment of solitude.


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