Songs to Help Overcome Addiction: Ed Sheeran and JoJo

Woman listening to Songs

There are two artists who have written and performed powerful songs about addiction. They may not have experienced these feelings but they have seen people succumbed by addiction and feel the need to express their pain and struggle. These songs tell stories of people who have grown weaker and weaker as a result of abusive substances.

Ed Sheeran’s The A Team was written when Sheeran used to work at a homeless shelter and he saw a girl there who was addicted to cocaine. In the beginning of the song, Sheeran talks about a pale girl who “breathes in snowflakes” which is another name for cocaine. He describes how the drug leaves a burnt lung with a sour taste. She has trouble making money so she feels she needs to sell her body to other men.

In the chorus, Sheeran talks about The A Team who are people who have been hit so hard with their addictions that it is too hard to save them. Sheeran also says that when she is on cocaine, she is living in her daydream since cocaine gives people a euphoria. By the end, of the song, Sheeran says the girl wants a better life but does not believe it is going to happen so she feels she has nothing to lose by slowing killing herself. For “angels to die” means that you can kill your soul as well as your body.

JoJo’s Save My Soul was written about her father who was an addict who passed away a month after the filming of the music video. The beginning of the song is when an addict is speaking to the abusive substance that she gave into it and that she knew she would lose this battle. The blood on the carpet does not belong to the drug but to herself.

In the chorus, the addict does not believe she can be saved no matter how hard she tries. She feels the substances can be painful but also helpful like medicine to make her not feel anything. The addict talks about how her addiction is like “a moth to a candle” and how she wishes she can hate the substances so she can start. In the bridge, she says she tries to run but it hurts every time which is withdrawal symptoms. Throughout the bridge, she expresses pain in that she wishes someone could save her soul.

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