Smiling Depression

Smiling Depression

We are used to seeing depression as someone who looks sad or crying all of the time. While that is one form of depression, there is also a hidden depression called smiling depression where someone appears to be happy on the outside, but are suffering on the inside. It is important that if you do have smiling depression that you do not keep your pain inside but that you speak to a professional to better treat your depression.

It can be hard to spot those with smiling depression because they look so happy on the outside. They also do not seem to be the type to have depression as this person may have a good job, married, or children. They may have say hi to you when you greet them and have a nice conversation with you. You would never suspect what is going through their head. The truth is that someone with smiling depression may feel down and hopeless with the possibility of having suicidal thoughts. Someone with smiling depression may feel genuinely happy for brief moments like if they received a phone call from someone they have not heard in a while or receiving a compliment, only to go back to feeling down after.

Smiling depression is like you are wearing a mask 24 hours a day that you never take off in fear you would be revealing your sadness. People may not want to speak of their sadness because they do not want to burden others with their problems. You may also feel like telling others of your depression shows off your weakness, flaw, or vulnerability. It is also possible that you feel if you pretend to be happy, you will eventually be genuinely happy. Those with smiling depression need to realize that they cannot pull off this facade forever as the pain and problems you are going through will still exist behind the mask. Pretending to be happy is you avoiding the pain you are going through which will make your pain grow over time.

If you are suffering from smiling depression, do not wait until you experience suicidal thoughts to realize that you need help. Try therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy where you can change your thought patterns to help learn to be happy. By being more upfront with how you are feeling, you are a step closer to treating your depression and finding happiness.

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