Simple Recovery Fitness Trainer Named in Press Telegram’s Amazing Women List

HIIT workout

Sunny Daye, an expert fitness trainer and personal fitness instructor at Simple Recovery, has been named one of the Press Telegram’s Amazing Women of 2015. Daye received her honor under the “Health and Wellness” category, as she has used her own passion for fitness and health to inspire others and to help those working through the journey from substance dependence to recovery.

Experience and Passion
Daye has been working as a professional fitness trainer for 12 years at centers like Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness. Her philosophy has been that a focused mind translates into a healthy body and overall wellbeing. In addition to her work treatment, Daye owns her own business, New Daye Fitness, where she teaches classes and offers personal coaching. She is also an IFBB pro competitor, qualifying her to compete in national bodybuilding competitions.

A Long Road
Daye’s life took a significant turn just a few short years ago, when she was told she had a four-pound tumor in her stomach. The first surgery to remove the tumor resulted in complications and three more surgeries that left her bedridden for six months. Despite her obstacles, Daye kept her focus on a new goal, preparing to compete as a female bodybuilder.

Daye achieved her goal in 2014, placing first in a national bodybuilding competition. Since then, Daye has received eight first-place wins in the 10 competitions she has entered.

Work at Simple Recovery
At Simple Recovery, Daye instructs our clients on proper physical form, weight and cardio training. She offers practical tools for mindfulness, meditation and making healthy food choices. Her goal is to use her fitness and health training to raise our clients’ self-esteem and self-confidence. Beyond challenging our clients, Daye seeks to inspire them to raise the bar on their own quality of life through their wellness efforts.

“I am so grateful to witness the positive changes that training provides clients,” Daye stated. “With my direction, they work harder and smarter. And as they progress, they feel better about themselves, and become more physically and mentally balanced.”

Daye understands the difficult road recovering addicts face. In recovery herself, Daye gives back through fitness training, and also owns a women’s sober living home in Long Beach, California.

Importance of Fitness in Recovery
As a personal fitness instructor for Simple Recovery, Daye plays a key role in helping our clients develop a healthy lifestyle in their newfound sobriety. Exercise is a fundamental element in recovery programs, as regular workouts add structure into the daily routine, restore the mind-body connection and help the body recover from the damage chemical dependency and substance abuse can have. Exercise is also an effective way to manage mental health issues that are common among those in recovery, including depression and anxiety.

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