Several Musicians have Died from Addiction; What is Being Done to Help?


It is no secret that musicians deal with addiction. Road tours often mean that many musicians feel isolated and lonely, and the music scene is often equipped with many appearances and parties, all of which often includes drugs and alcohol. Several musicians have struggled with addiction, with many of them losing their lives because of it. Rap artist Lil Peep, age 21, was found dead only a few months ago due to an overdose of Xanax. Linkin Park member Chester Bennington took his life at the age of 41, and Prince died of an opioid overdose in 2016. Billboard states that musicians are more susceptible to addiction and mental illness due to their sensitive nature and societal pressure.

The Recording Academy’s charity, MusiCares, provides critical assistance to musicians in times of need. Their services range from financial, medical, and personal emergencies, and each interaction is treated with confidentiality. During the past 13 years, the organization has raised close to $10 million to assistance nearly 3,000 people in need of assistance. MusiCares hosts an annual benefit concert that aims to promote and inspire recovery and sobriety.

Fleetwood Mac was recently awarded the MusiCares Person of the Year Award, and they were the first band to receive this. Mick Fleetwood stated,

“It’s a tremendous honor to be the first band to receive the MusiCares Person of the Year award. Independently and together, we all set off on a journey to spend our lives as artists, songwriters, and musicians. None of us did it alone and there were plenty of helping hands along the way, so we applaud and celebrate MusiCares’ guiding principles of giving musicians a helping hand and a place to turn in times of need.”

Proceeds from the concert aided financial and medical support as well as other personal needs for the musicians. Although many people are struggling with addiction, there are many people providing support as well, and there is support for you too. So many people care about your recovery and success; each recovery success story is yet another inspiration to the recovery community and to anyone who is struggling.

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