Possibly our most popular experiential therapy, Rock to Recovery gives individuals a chance to have fun expressing themselves, working as a group, and experiencing clean and sober fun.

How It Works

Music is a powerful tool for people of all ages and backgrounds, but especially those in recovery. Clients create a “band”, writing and recording songs together with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery. Often times unprocessed emotions can lead to internal turmoil. Music creates an opportunity to access these emotions that and express them in a healing manner.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Self-awareness and expression
  • Stimulation of speech
  • Ignites creativity
  • Motor integration
  • A sense of belonging
  • Improve communication skills
  • Group collaboration and connectedness
  • Occupational development
  • Stress management
  • Enhanced communication and relationships with others, both highly tied to happiness.