Occupational Therapy in Simple Recovery

Occupational therapy groups across all levels of care at Simple Recovery utilize Sensory, Cognitive Behavioral, and Dialectical Behavioral models to best provide evidenced-based, client centered care. Skills groups and task activities are offered to address topics including coping skills, self regulation, sensory processing, emotion regulation, communication skills, and life skills. The goal of occupational therapy services is to best prepare clients to lead meaningful, independent lives through addressing each clients dynamic interaction of values, motivation, skills, roles, routines, environment, and occupations.

We believe that our clients deserve more than just abstinence– they deserve to rediscover meaning in their lives. We teach our clients how to rebuild personal and professional relationships, so they can be excited about life again, or perhaps for the first time. To deal with uncertainty, physical and emotional pain, relationships and other life obstacles without resorting to alcohol, opiates or other drugs, is the primary focus of occupational therapy.