Group psychotherapy is a form of therapy in which a small group of people meet under the guidance of professional therapists. At Simple Recovery we emphasize the importance of a small staff to client ratio, so our groups never exceed 10 clients at any given time. Our therapists are trained in a series of therapeutic modalities specific to recovery, trauma and co-occurring disorders. Group therapy allows for introspection and self-reflection with the feedback and support of peers as individual challenges and feelings are talked about within the community. Group Therapy has been a standard treatment option for over 50 years, helping clients to strengthen intimate relationships and communication, replacing isolation with connection.

Group therapy is collaborative and diverse, meaning not every group is alike. The variety of methods and settings are designed to help clients work towards a restructuring of the self, develop healthy relationships, and experience understanding and peer support. Engaging with peers in outdoor settings, experiential groups, and dynamic talk therapy allow each client to become a therapeutic helper to their peers, as they also learn to accept constructive feedback and support.

Simple Recovery Group Counseling and Therapy

Simple Recovery is a social model treatment center. We rely on the community built within every group therapy environment, where individual clients will learn from one another to better understand their own thought and behavior patterns. Each client begins to see similarities and receives feedback from their peers. They begin to understand that they are not alone, and that here they can experience understanding, and develop healthy relationships.

Clients learns to work on a shared problem as a whole group, creating engagement and progress. All group therapy activities are guided by clinical staff members to build positive interactions and healthy participation.