No one escapes the chemically dependent family.

Love is not enough.

Family and individual functioning is inevitably altered by the chemically dependent person. His or her relationship to the mood altering chemical gradually builds walls that neither the family’s love nor logic can penetrate until he or she receives treatment.

The effects on the family are often experienced as anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, and even resentment. These walls and emotions do not instantly dissolve when abstinence begins and often persist during and after treatment. Learning to trust, forgive and navigate a new course that includes healthy limits often requires professional guidance and support for the family, too.

Why the Family needs treatment, too.

Families that have lived with addiction often experience damaging emotional and relational consequences. Parents, spouses, partners, siblings, and children are all affected by the chaotic spiral of addiction and cope in their own unique ways. The negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors that result need to be understood, interrupted, treated, and healed.

We Can Help:

The Families in Recovery Program is a powerful tool that unites families towards growth and change. With our extensive experience in working with addicts and their families, you are provided a gently structured, safe environment that is conducive for healing, empathy and understanding. Together, families grieve the impact addiction has had on them individually and as a family unit.

Whether difficulties regarding relationships, anxiety, depression, or chemical dependency exist, it is important to create healthy coping strategies for each family member that set the course for a better way of living.

The Families in Recovery Program offers a safe, comprehensive, therapeutic approach to addressing the emotional pain caused by addiction. Our program takes place monthly and consists of:

  • Interpersonal & process group psychotherapy
  • Didactic homework assignments
  • Interactive psycho-educational lectures
  • Individual or Couples therapy
  • Family Therapy when indicated

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Hope and healing is available to you and your family. Call us today to set up a consultation at no charge.