Experiential therapy, as the name entails, involves actions, movements and activities rather than the more traditional “talk therapy.”

As individuals progress through structured experiential therapy activities under the guidance and supervision of a licensed therapist, they have the opportunity to experience successes, identify obstacles, build self-esteem, and develop greater responsibility for their actions.

Change, emotional growth, and personal empowerment are all among the benefits of participating in effective experiential therapy. Experiential therapy has also proven to help individuals behave in a more genuine manner because they are often focused on the task or activity at hand rather than the therapeutic aspect, allowing for common therapeutic barriers to diminish.

Simple Recovery clients are given the opportunity to get out of the confines of treatment on a regular basis. Weekly outings are created by our clinical team to foster appropriate social behaviors, interactions, and norms through this engaging environment.

On any given day you can find Simple Recovery clients:

  • Hiking through Laguna Canyon or other walking trails in Orange County.
  • Group activities like Outrigger Canoeing, surf lessons, swimming, and other water sports.
  • Community outings such as going to the movies, bowling, ice-skating, and museums.