What is Breathworks?

Breathworks is a simple breathing technique that assists in processing trauma, developing more positive thought patterns, and creating a new perspective on old beliefs and behaviors. This technique involves a unique two-stage rhythm that calms the brain and allows clients to experience a more tangible connection to their bodies.

Our Breathworks group runs between an hour and a half and two hours in length. During this powerful session, clients can practice becoming more aware of negative emotions and deep-rooted trauma that can is often road-blocked by conscious thought in a conventional talk therapy setting. These groups are usually themed using the power of community to uncover the areas in which clients are stuck, and to promote connection and vulnerability.

Often called an active meditation, Breathworks is an action where deep work is done, and negative emotions and beliefs are uncovered, discarded, and changed.

Why does Simple Recovery utilize Breathworks?

We have seen the benefits of Breathworks first hand, and use it because it provides profound efficacy at helping clients becoming mindful of, and eventually bypass, deep-seeded issues that prevent them from addressing suppressed emotion and trauma without drugs or alcohol.

The breathing techniques that are implemented and taught during these sessions oxygenate the hypothalamus glad and releases endorphins and neuropeptides, creating a tangible sensation of peace and calmness throughout the body and mind.

Every session takes place within a therapeutic environment, to keep clients’ safe and supported as they breathe.

What are the benefits of Breathworks?

  • Improving mood and quality of life, reducing depression and anxiety symptoms associated with co-occurring disorders and early sobriety.
  • Developing a sense of grounding, by learning and practicing new healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Improving social functioning by strengthening relationships, and decreasing the level of interference that negative behaviors and isolation has on daily activities.