Simple Recovery takes each of our clients through the full continuum of care. From the stabilization of detox, the foundational skill building of a residential setting, and practical application of outpatient services, we believe that the continued recovery planning is vital outside of the confines of treatment.

Aftercare planning includes developing obtainable goals and challenges for continued recovery once a client graduates from Treatment. This includes developing and implementing a network of support, an applicable routine that is conducive to recovery, and identifying the necessary steps to achieve these goals.

At Simple Recovery, we assist each individual in finding an individual therapist, 12-step or similar community support groups, and other medical professionals and recovery resources for continued support in their home communities. We also look at practical needs of daily life including financial support, housing, and daily living needs. We also support our graduating clients with weekly alumni groups, random drug screening and weekly phone calls if necessary. By working hand in hand, each individual prepares for living life sober, with the continued support of the Simple Recovery team. At Simple Recovery we don’t just give our clients a discharge plan, we are the discharge plan.

WeConnect Recovery: The Mobilized Aftercare App

Treatment is only the beginning to lifelong recovery. At Simple Recovery, it is vital for us to engage our alumni as they reintegrate back into life upon discharge. To better engage our alumni, Simple Recovery utilizes a digital platform, WeConnect Recovery, to continuously support our alumni in their recovery journey. This mobile app initiates accountability by building simple, daily and weekly routines to help clients stay on track. WeConnect also serves as a community interface for alumni to engage with one another and their support network, including their treatment team, loved ones and sponsor. By utilizing the app, our clients build self-efficacy, as they track their progress, and receive rewards for successfully completing routines. WeConnect also provides our clients with extra support. An SOS button is one click away, making it easier to get the extra support when they need it most.