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Simple Recovery Services

Simple Recovery is an action-based treatment program designed to meet addiction and dual-diagnosis needs of chemically dependent men and women. Partnering with clients 18 and over, we provide the full continuum of care that includes detox, residential and outpatient treatment, transitional and sober living, and family counseling. Our comprehensive programs are focused on reintegration and create a recovery foundation by:

  • Fostering client relationships
  • Encouraging positive mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal and spiritual change
  • Delivering support, education & recovery guidance
  • Creating structure & accountability

About the Simple Recovery Curriculum

The Simple Recovery Curriculum operates under the disease model of Addiction. Integrating this philosophy into our psycho-educational and experiential programming means helping each individual understand that have a disease in which becomes worse, never better over time and is inevitably fatal if left untreated.

Evidence-based treatment practices and proven modalities are integrated into our treatment planning to educate on the disease, develop relapse prevention techniques and ultimately develop a life that is no longer immersed in drugs and alcohol.

Each individual at Simple Recovery admits to an appropriate level of treatment based on their need for detox, medical history, psychiatric diagnosis, ability to perform activities of daily living, and ability to cognitively engage with rigors of each program phase.

We believe that addiction treatment should address every facet of our clients’ lives, so we offer these well-rounded treatment modalities and supportive features:

Alumni Services

Throughout your recovery journey, it is normal to require periods of more intense support. Following discharge, clients are encouraged to participate in weekly aftercare groups so they can maintain accountability & enjoy peer fellowship. Alumni meetings are designed to enhance recovery and improve sober living skills. Family alumni groups are available for loved ones every other Thursday. Individuals, couples and families may also be referred to community therapists for ongoing therapy and relapse prevention.

The Answer is Simple

Simple Recovery is committed to helping individuals and families who can no longer bear the weight of addiction. Where you see a drug and alcohol problem, we see the strong, capable person you or your loved one will become with our help and guidance.

Recovery from substance abuse takes a sequence of small steps—and the first one is Simple. To learn more about our proven programs and holistic service approach, call 888-743-0490 now, or fill out our confidential online form to request a private consultation.

Please contact us to learn more about our effective and practical approach to addiction treatment and successfully maintaining sobriety in the real world.