Resources on Campus for Mental Health Support

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College is difficult for many individuals.  You may have lived in the protected environment of your parent’s home, only to be released into a world full of choices.  Maybe you didn’t have a  structured family surrounding at all when you were growing up, which led to years of resentment and development of a mental health disorder.  Attending school, potentially in an unfamiliar city, can also lead to a great deal of stress.  Attempting to learn academics in conjunction with life skills can be substantially overwhelming.  Many students ultimately develop substance abuse or mental disorders from the pressure to perform.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 8 million adults suffer from a co-occurring disorder.  
Colleges are well aware of the statistics that plague American students, which is why most have resources on campus for those suffering.  When you’re ridden by emotional and mental issues that prevent you from performing to your full standard, your school can help.  A licensed psychologist is typically employed full-time at many universities to help talk through stressful situations.  
Numerous college students are barely getting by financially.  Lots of people need to take summer or evening jobs, simply to be able to purchase food and other basic needs.  The best part about the resources that your school offers is they are inexpensive, or may even be free.  Colleges understand their students are not rich and many don’t have health insurance.  A psychologist is generally offered based on a sliding scale basis, meaning that they will work with you on what you can afford.  It is usually a miniscule amount in comparison to what an outside mental health professional might charge.  Schools may also offer a certain amount of sessions included in your tuition or for a set price to help work through short-term issues.  If more is needed, on-campus psychologists can refer you to outside sources who may also work with you financially.
The addiction and co-occurring disorder rate is substantially high among students, and colleges want to be there to help you through your stressful situations.  The psychologists employed at universities are held to the same confidentiality standards and are fully capable of helping you when you need it.
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