Questions That Will Push You Forward in Recovery


Recovery is a time to focus on yourself and begin understanding your struggles and developing tools to manage them. Preparing for recovery and understanding the importance of working hard in recovery can help you to feel more grounded and confident in your decision to move forward and take back control over your life. The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) has listed several crucial questions to ask yourself in recovery that will build you up for success:

  • How can I keep going even when I feel uncomfortable? There will be times during recovery where you feel out of place or begin to question yourself. Identifying the issue, centering yourself, finding a balance, setting goals and then celebrating those goals are important to helping you push through.
  • How can I allow others to support me? Dr. David Susman, licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Kentucky, told Psychology Today earlier this year that others can help support you by being available, learning more about your mental illness or addiction, giving you honest feedback, facilitate your support efforts, promote healthy choices, and more. Consider who and how you may want to ask for what you need.
  • What is one mini-goal I can set for myself today? Setting a goal, mentally preparing oneself by positively visualizing the goal, and then working towards achieving a goal each day will prep a person for a successful recovery. Make sure that you don’t set your goal too high, but ensure that it forces you to go out of your range of comfort just enough to learn and grow from the experience.
  • How will my life be better when I am “normal”? Conducting a cost-benefit analysis can be very helpful when exploring the benefits of staying sober and working through recovery. Explore the many reasons why rehabilitation will make you better in the long-run. Write them down and hang them up if you need to keep yourself motivated.
  • What qualities make me a unique and special person? NEDA has explained that many individuals only feel special or unique when their disorder is at hand. Recognizing that you are a person despite your mental illness or addiction can help you to rediscover who you are in a holistic sense.


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