Proven Benefits of Massage for Addiction Recovery

Massage at spa
Healing touch is a relaxing process. Massage is a stress relieving practice for multiple reasons, mental, spiritual, and physical. The process of a massage often includes relaxing elements like warm oil, soothing ambient sounds, and of course the healing touch. Muscle relaxation happens systematically in massage, releasing the tension in the muscles. We don’t often notice when our muscles are tense, which is most of the day. It takes mindful awareness to pay attention to our muscles every day. Massage helps build this awareness by giving us a chance to witness and embody our muscles in a relaxed state. The simple act of relieving muscle tension relieves stress itself.

Massage boosts the immune system

Massage increases circulation and detoxifies the body, both of which help with boosting the immune system. Massage breaks up toxins in the body while also stimulating bloodflow. The body is helped in circulating and flushing out toxicity while sending clean blood flow and oxygen throughout more areas of the body.


Massage improves sleep

After a massage, it is common to feel sleep and drowsy. During a massage, we are in a deep state of relaxation, somewhere between sleep and awake. Often when we wake up from a massage we are somewhat surprised by how relaxed and tired we are. Muscle relaxation is an important part of sleep. When we are stressed, our muscles tighten. When our muscles are tight and sore, our body interprets this physical state as a signal that there should be stress in the mental state. Regular massage work helps the body reestablish a healthy communication with the mind.

Massage enhances relationships

A massage is a mutual transaction between a client and a massage therapist. Both are agreeing to give and receive in an unconditional manner. This experience translates into relationships. Those who are in recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction practice surrender, trust, acceptance, and gratitude when they are receiving a massage. After the massage, they can carry the energy of those principles forward in their lives.


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