Preventing the Anxiety of Being Single

Many people get worried about being alone forever. They worry about never finding anyone or that by the time they do find someone to share a life with, they can no longer birth children. It is important to realize not to place a time limit on finding love and to not see being single as a burden.

Being single can leave you with a shaky feeling that you will never have what other people have and that being single is an abnormal state of being. You may also get scared that all of your friends will be married with children while you will be all alone. This could mean that if you reach a certain age and you are still single, you will give up on love believing that it is too late to start a future with anyone. It could also mean that you will marry anyone that shows interest to avoid being alone. There is no set time to when you will find true love and it may come to you when you least expect it.

You need to have faith that you will find a life partner. While getting married used to be something that almost everyone did a long time ago, people today are focusing on making a steady income first before starting a family. There are also about 32% of people cohabitating, according to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, so that couples get a better understanding of what marriage is like to see if they are ready. The Urban Institute says that three-quarters of Millennials and Generation Xers will ultimately marry by the age of 40. Tell yourself that you have nothing to worry and that your life partner will come to you eventually when the time is right.

While marriage can be beautiful, do not make it seem like it will be the cure-all to a better life. When you are married, you pledge to be with this person for the rest of your life. Marriage requires more effort than just dating in that you deal with finances, parenthood, or feeling lonely if your spouse is always at work. Most importantly, think of the rewards of being single as you have free time to focus on your hobbies, career, your friends, and family. Ease your anxiety by letting romance happen in its sweet time and enjoy the benefits the single life can bring you.

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