Physical Symptoms of Anxiety While Sleeping

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety While Sleeping

Sleeping is supposed to be a peaceful time when you can be left to your dreams until the sun comes up. For people with anxiety, on the other hand, a lot can be expressed about their anxiety based on the way they sleep. If someone notices you making jerky or uncomfortable movements while you are asleep, it is time you seek help from a professional to learn how to sleep in peace.

One sleep movement to watch out for is being jolted awake after you have a nightmare. You may be anxious as soon as you sleep to only be woken up when the dream gets bad. If you find ways to end the day on a happy note, the nightmares should occur more infrequently. Another sign is if you are talking in your sleep. You may have a lot of unresolved thoughts in your head that are keeping your brain awake. If you or your partner notices you are talking in your sleep, write down on a piece of paper all of your worries so that you can sleep with a clear head.

A third sleep movement can be if you are sweating. You may be sweating on a daily basis which unfortunately does not end when you go to sleep. Try to make sure that you are sleeping with the fan on and that you are not tucked in too tightly so that you can let the air conditioning come to you. Make sure to take your medicine or any therapeutic techniques before going to bed like yoga or deep breathing.

A fourth sleep movement is when you are not able to sleep through the whole night. You might fall asleep, but then wake up and stay awake for a few hours.Having too much on your mind can make it hard to relax enough to fall back asleep. While sleeping medication can easily help you fall back asleep, listen to classical music to bring your mind at ease. A fifth sleep movement can be nocturnal panic attacks. If you experience panic attacks during the day, you could feel the same when you sleep by experiencing heart palpitations or shortness of breath in the middle of the night. To ensure that you sleep soundly at night, speak to your therapist about relaxation techniques to do before going to bed so you can better look forward to when you wake up.

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