One Small Choice Every Day Leads To Giant Changes

Man lying down
Something phenomenal happens the day you decide to get sober. A phenomenon is “a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question”. What causes someone- who has become chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol after abusing mind-altering substances for so many years without being able to stop- to suddenly stop using drugs and alcohol? It is phenomenal. There is no explanation as to how or why an individual who has been completely out of control of their drinking and using is suddenly able to no pick up another drink or drug. Everything else in their life might be falling apart. For that one moment and potentially infinite moments thereafter, they don’t pick up anymore. It could be called a miracle.


Tiny momentus practices like the decision to get and stay sober adds up. In recovery there is a saying about taking things one day at a time and to keep it simple as you go. We can’t go into the past and change the days we weren’t sober. We can’t go into the future and ensure we will stay sober at some other point in time. When we wake up and open our eyes, we have a 24-hour period in which we can use that small choice of staying sober to create great change. One day at a time, we stay sober for an entire day and learn to live our lives a little bit more. Before we know it, those days start adding up. Chips are given to us in our respective twelve step programs and treatment centers. From not being able to make it through a few hours without a drink or a drug, we are making it through months at a time until we finally reach our first year. After that first full year we can think a little bigger to plan for the future. Still, we realize, that future only comes one day at a time by continuing to choose sobriety one day at a time. The years add up, our lives change in ways greater than we can imagine.


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