New Program Aims to Fight Addiction in Indiana Jails

Hand in Jail

According to WDRB News, a new program aims to stop the drug epidemic within jails. Inmates who have a drug or alcohol addiction must first volunteer to become a part of the program, and their application must be reviewed and accepted. In Scott County, Indiana, there are currently 16 spots for males and 8 spots for females in the program, which lasts for a minimum of 90 days. JCAP, also known as jail chemical addiction program, was developed on the principle that effective chemical dependency treatment early on can alter one’s addiction and recovery path.

The Dearborn County Government Site claims that the program’s main goal is to identify those most at-risk who are incarcerated and facilitate recovery by providing resources and reducing recidivism. The program utilizes the “Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change” (SSC) model and is delivered in an intensive, inpatient format. The following are key components of the program:

  • Self-help groups
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Life skills groups
  • Daily exercise
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Job readiness program

The program also offers discharge planning 1-2 weeks before, and works with inmates to identify post-release needs and provide access and resources to services that meet those needs. JCAP is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and substance abuse counseling, providing inmates with the opportunity to develop tools related to coping, understanding, and growing. The Collaborative Research Initiative from Indiana University claims that the program has ultimately helped reduce crime as well as social and economic burdens, with a total operating cost of $161,681 per year including salaries and operating expenses. JCAP participants have benefitted from the program, and as one 2017 JCAP participant stated,

“Now that I have gotten the privilege of JCAP, I have had the opportunity of talking and trying to figure out the epidemic of addiction. In JCAP, I am growing into a man with integrity, accountability, hope, compassion, respect, and finally finding value and purpose to my life.”

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