Multifaceted Recovery: Recent Study Shows That Recovery Takes More Than Strong Will

Young man smiling

Many people have the misconception that quitting substance abuse is easy. They believe that it’s based on “strong will” or “determination” – the truth is, recovery is a much more complex than this. Addiction affects chemicals in the brain, and recovery requires sincere effort in a multitude of areas to help a person regain certain functioning. If you’ve recently begun your journey to recovery, it’s important for you to understand recovery for what is really is: a lifelong process that involves ups and downs, learning and growth, challenges and transformation. By having this knowledge, you prepare yourself to do the best you can without letting yourself down.

A 2016 study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors Report interviewed 69 people diagnosed with opioid, alcohol, and methamphetamine dependency to explore their sense of agency and self-control in addiction recovery over a 3-year period. Results from the study indicated that while many participants described themselves as strong willed, this had no relationship to their recovery status. In other words, participants who found success in recovery not only were strong willed, but applied that will strategically by becoming actively involved in activities conducive to their success in recovery. If you’re looking to become more involved in your recovery, consider participating in the following, no matter what your recovery status is:

  • Obtaining help from a reputable treatment center
  • Volunteering at a treatment center or recovery support program
  • Practice mindfulness, meditation, and yoga
  • Journal your daily experiences
  • Utilize several self-care strategies each day
  • Get active and join exercise or sports groups
  • Try new and healthy activities to keep your mind sharp
  • Eat nutritious food each day to adequately replenish your body

Recovery is about more than simply refraining to use substances. It’s about working through the challenging times, utilizing your support system, and growing from your experiences. It’s about showing up to whatever action plan you have set for the day, even if you’d rather stay in bed. By putting in challenging work, you will find success. Don’t give up.

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