Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

When it comes to driving a car or giving CPR in the medical field, you need to have a license to do so. The same can be true when helping someone with a mental illness. With a mental health first aid course, you can learn how to help people with anxiety or depression, substance abuse, trauma, and many other mental illnesses that people struggle with.

Mental Health First Aid was founded in Australia in 2000 to better help others with mental illness, destigmatize mental illness, and encourage seeking help. This course has a five step action plan to teach you how to see the signs of suicide or harm, being a good listener without judgement, giving reassurance and information, encouraging professional help, and encouraging self-help and other methods of support. These courses are eight hours long that can be taken in a day or two. Anyone can be certified and you can take this course online. There are also certain courses designated for veterans, rural communities, first responders, and teens.

The only flaw to this program is that you have to be actively seeking Mental Health First Aid in order for it to be accessible. Unfortunately, this class is not taught as part of the curriculum. Mental Health First Aid may also be useful in the educational field if teachers can incorporate what they learn in the classrooms. If teachers become more knowledgeable in mental health, students will feel comfortable coming to them for help when they need it. This course has been shown through peer reviews that there is a benefit for those administering mental health first aid and those receiving help with their mental illness.

There is still a large stigma towards mental illness and people being brave enough to take about whatever mental illness they have. This program will give others the opportunity not only to learn about mental illness but to help them discover resources, how to be an active listener, and about how no one is alone with their struggles. Millennials and Generation Zs are more open to speaking about mental illness compared to those who are the age of their parents. It is important for all generations to take a Mental Health First Aid course to be further educated on mental health and to share the wealth with those seeking for it. You can search for a Mental Health First Aid course through

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