Mental Health Awareness Month: Ways You Can Get Involved

supporting group holding hands

As our society is becoming more aware of just how important mental health truly is, people are initiating more volunteer opportunities and projects than ever before to raise awareness and encourage individuals to seek help when its needed. By seeking help, a person can prevent the worsening of symptoms as well as a slew of other unfortunate circumstances that often arise from mental illness, such as addiction and other unhealthy coping mechanisms, loss of job, marital conflicts, and even death by suicide. Starting this month, make the decision to act towards bettering your own mental health and helping others, too. There are many ways you can do this:

  1. Take the stigma free pledge for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This is a campaign to promote hope and understanding for those with mental disorders all around the world. By pledging this, you vow to educate yourself and others on mental disorders and to do what you can to dispel myths surrounding mental illnesses. Take the pledge here:
  2. Volunteer for a mental health cause. Whether you’re currently working towards your own recovery at a reputable mental health treatment center or you’re an ally, volunteering for an organization near you can help you educate others and grow your own social support network.
  3. Create your own mental health toolkit and encourage others to use one as well. This may involve taking quizzes to assess your mental health and to detect mental disorders, as well as ways you can better manage your symptoms. Educate yourself on the various mental illnesses and when you need to seek help. Mental Health America (MHA) provides an excellent toolkit to begin here:
  4. Start your own mental health support group in your local community if there isn’t one already. People all over the United States are beginning to take a stand for themselves, their neighbors, and their families by starting up groups to provide support to one another. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) provides some excellent steps to get started here:

If you’ve been struggling with symptoms of a mental illness, make the decision to seek help today. Doing this could not only improve your happiness and well-being but could inspire others to seek help for themselves as well. Recovery is possible.

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