Make Meal Planning Easier

Family meal
Integrating your skills learned in treatment to your new life living sober will feel challenging in the beginning. Staying sober from one moment to the next feels like enough planning for a lifetime. Once you start incorporating scheduling appointments, personal hygiene, doing laundry, going to outpatient- everything else in between needs to be as easy as possible. Making this transition easy and health is what necessitates a continuum of care. Programs like the one offered at Simple Recovery emphasize building the necessary life skills for living sober with enough time and clinical support to start using them in a safe and healthy way. College preparation, vocational preparation, and everyday skills like planning meals are all part of the sober lifestyle.


Eating healthy, regular, balanced meals keeps the brain and the body fueled for recovery. Recovering takes energy and energy is produced by food. The healthier and more balanced the food, the stronger and more sustainable the energy. Muscles, nerves, and tissues exist in the mind and the body. Feeding the mind and body feeds recovery, which is why it is essential to feed it regularly with healthy substances. Meal planning is a life skill that helps those in recovery stay ahead of their hunger, prepare healthy meals, balance a budget, and create a discipline for their daily lives. Here are some tips for making meal planning an effortless part of your sober lifestyle:


  • Do meal prep on Sundays: to save yourself time during the week, prepare meals ahead on Sunday that you can warm up and reheat throughout the week.
  • Make multi-day meals: dishes that can be reinvented and repurposed will help take the stress off of daily cooking. For example, roasting a chicken one night could lead to a chicken salad sandwich for lunch the next day, and a chicken soup the next night.
  • Take advantage of frozen produce: Frozen produce retains all of its nutrients and vitamins when it is flash frozen. Having fruits and vegetables in the freezer can make recipes easier in a clutch.
  • Use fresh ingredients: Cooking can be a pleasure when you start connecting to your food. While frozen food is convenient, it isn’t fresh. You might find that you are inspired to cook more often, which will allow you to use more fresh ingredients.
  • Cook with the rainbow: A good rule of thumb for preparing meals that are nutritious is cooking with the rainbow. See how many (natural) colors you can use with fresh produce, dairy, and meat. For a challenge, pick one color of the rainbow and try to create an entire meal out of that color using different food types.


Make treatment and recovery simple. Simple Recovery in Orange County, California, offers a full continuum of care to help clients make an action-oriented transition back into life with a clean and sober lifestyle. Call us today for information on our residential treatment program and other programs of care: 888-743-0490