Loperamide Addiction

Loperamide Addiction

We may think that addiction comes from substances that you can only get from a drug dealer or at a liquor store. The truth is that addiction can stem from substances that you can buy in a nearby drugstore. Having an addiction to the anti-diarrheal medication loperamide can bring unexpected health consequences if you do not have your addiction under control.

Loperamide is also known under the brand name Imodium which is an anti-diarrheal to prevent soiling yourself or getting too dehydrated from diarrhea. This medication can also lead to unexpected health consequences. According to a study in Clinical Toxicology journal, researchers found in five years 26 instances of patients taking large doses of loperamide. Ten patients showed abnormal electrocardiograms which measure the heart’s electrical properties. Half of the patients had irregular heartbeats. This is a drug that is widely available in drug stores and used by illicit drug users.

The main reason why people misuse loperamide is to relieve the effects of opioid withdrawal and to gain a pleasurable sensation by taking a dose higher than the label says. When loperamide relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestine, taking this anti-diarrheal will allow the digestive tract more time to absorb water from feces, allowing more solid bowel movements. When you take normal doses of this, it cannot pass through the brain. At higher doses, however, you can experience pleasurable effects. Normal doses are at 2-5 milligrams which prevent diarrhea and withdrawal. The study showed patients taking higher doses at 160-400 milligrams with 200 milligrams being the popular choice.

Online forums such as BlueLight may have had good intentions in its purpose in giving visitors information on how to use loperamide to ease withdrawal symptoms but it can also give visitors dangerous information. Some users provide information on the site of how to use loperamide to get high. There have been some cases of fatal overdoses in 2017 paper Annals of Emergency Medicine. The case study notes that the reason for turning to loperamide could be because of the lack of available methadone or buprenorphine treatment programs. It is important to seek help from a medical professional to help ease off of loperamide and prescribe another type of medication for withdrawal symptoms. With detox to help get the drug out of your system as well as going to a rehab facility, you should be able to have a successful recovery.

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