Listen Up Men: Wellness is Not Just for Women Anymore

Listen Up Men: Wellness is Not Just for Women Anymore

Health and wellness tips are valuable to both men and women. Men need the information oftentimes more than women. Men are more susceptible to dying at a younger age than women. The wellness movement for men is kicking up, promoting prevention and holistic health to combat against disease and support better overall functioning.

Self-Care for Men

The wellness movement and the message of holistic health is important for men as it relates to self-care. The challenge of balancing career and family is not often discussed for men but can be quite stressful. Simple breathing practices to manage stress can be of great value for men who may not want to step into a yoga studio or meditation class. Some tips for self-care:

  • Cooking and nutrition classes to cook at home means less processed foods from eating out (and saving money)
  • Letting go of ‘weekend warrior’ mentality to do all the exercise on a weekend rather than incorporate it throughout the week as an overall wellness routine
  • Getting health checks ups at regular intervals rather than waiting until ‘something doesn’t feel right’

Healthy Focus for Men

For men to stay healthier overall, it takes encouragement from everyone. This includes physicians, therapists, loved ones, and friends who push them to be checking out ways to be healthier. Men need help to understand that emotional health, loneliness, and stress are common situations that are not about weakness, they are a part of life but can be detrimental to a person’s health if not addressed. Some other ways to bring healthy focus on wellness for men include:

  • Healthy male friendships and peer support
  • Men’s nights out at wellness centers, yoga studios, pilates centers, and juice bars
  • Learning the role of personal care products that are organic and free of phthalates and chemicals
  • Reading books and watching documentaries about wellness movements for men

As with anything, it takes a village to stay connected and move forward in changing habits. For men, especially, building bonds with friends who will help sustain them can help create space for them to heal and pursue their health and wellness goals without feeling shame. There is no shame in taking care of oneself and being as healthy as possible.

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