Lies People Tell Themselves to Continue Drug and Alcohol Use

Lies People Tell Themselves to Continue Drug and Alcohol Use

Because people under addiction feel that they cannot stop, they give others reasons why it is important for them to continue their drug use. They may tell you that it is what everyone else is doing or that they have it under control. It is important to recognize that these justifications are just lies they are telling you as well as themselves.

One lie that someone under the influence may say is that all of their friends are worse than them. No one should be comparing their drug use to others. Everyone’s drug use varies in certain degrees. There will always be that chance that your friend can use at the same intensity as their friends if they do not stop. It is important for your friend to judge their own substance use instead of comparing themselves to those who are in their social circle. Another lie can be that they are more responsible than others because they are just drinking wine or beer or using marijuana only. Your friend may think that these substances are safe because they are used widely or because they may be legal in their area, but these drugs can be a gateway to hard, illegal drugs.

A third lie can be when they say they only use during a certain time like only during when they study or only on the weekends. Making a routine for your drug use is a sure sign that this is a repetitive action that needs to be taken care of. The longer that you take drugs, the better your chances are of having long-lasting health problems later. A fourth lie may be that you can continue this way without hitting rock bottom like others that you know. It is important to know that anyone has the potential to hit rock bottom and you should not have to wait until you reach that period to know that you need help.

A final lie can be that you have the potential to stop anytime that you want as you have done so in the past. The point is that even if you have stopped before, you kept finding a way to get back to the habit. It is important for you to speak to your friend about the lies they are telling you and themselves and telling them the truth that they need to seek treatment for their addiction.

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