Spirituality Through Judaism In Recovery


Spirituality is very important on the road to recovery, which is why treatment programs include participation in 12-step programs, offer spiritual based practices like meditation, mindfulness, or yoga, and provide individualized treatment. Each individual person comes to addiction differently and recovers differently. Individualized treatment programs promote finding the path both clinically, personally, and spiritually, which works best for the individual. At Simple Recovery, each client undergoes a thorough assessment process and receives a highly customized treatment plan for their recovery.

Distinct paths of recovery may include general spiritual pursuits without a specific religion or discipline. Others, however, find great comfort, meaning, purpose, and guidance by following religious pursuits like Judaism. Though Jewish-based recovery is more rare, there are clear and obvious connections between recovery and Judaism, including the spiritual structure and dedicated practice of Judaism. Certain kinds of Jewish practice include regiments which offer those in recovery a sense of structure and spiritual discipline.

According to the Jewish Child and Family Services questionnaire, 44% of Jews need help with addiction or know someone who does by seeing Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. 9% seek the help of a Rabbi.

Finding a “higher power”, building a relationship with that higher power, and incorporating that belief into all areas of life is considered to be a critical component of recovery. Those who practice Judaism feel a security in their heart knowing that “Hashem”, or “G-d” as many practicing Judaism would write it, is always with them. Reciting daily prayers, attending weekly services, and following the doctrine of Judaism can help keep a recovering individual steadfast on the path to recovery. For example, reciting the “birchot hanehenim” is a way of expressing appreciation for what you have which incorporates the important recovery theme of gratitude. The weekly recognition of Shabbat focuses on what your higher power wants for your life: being with family, enjoying food, community, prayer, worship, and being in the present moment.

The pursuit of spirituality in recovery is an individualized process which is why every treatment plan needs to be individualized as well. At Simple Recovery, our treatment plans are customized to each client’s specific needs and goals for recovery. Our multi-tiered program is designed to help your loved one find success on a new path in life through school, work, and meaningful volunteering. Structured for progress, clients at Simple Recovery transition seamlessly through each phase of their recovery. Call us today for information: 888-743-0490