It’s Back To School Time for Summer Graduates of Addiction Treatment

They are called the “miracles” of recovery. Students who thought their academic lives were ruined by addiction are able to go back to school. Adults who never got to finish their education get a brand new start. Some who had a career track realize they are meant to do something different, perhaps something more with their life. Simple Recovery offers vocational coaching, college preparation, and support to all of our clients who are ready to make a life change when they finish treatment. During the transitional phases of their treatment, they apply to school, sign up for local classes, and make changes in their career. Through each step, our experienced staff members are supporting clients and showing them the sober way through it all.


If you are graduating treatment and are looking for a transitional living environment, contact Simple Recovery today for information on our partial care programs and transitional living homes. We are here to support your sober journey and make your transition simple.

Tips For Making Back To School Simple:

  • Save money on back to school sales: At the end of summer, all back to school supplies are on sale. Some states offer a tax break during a specific set of weeks for back to school items as well.
  • Create a school system that will work for you: Everyone learns, organizes, and manages their time differently. Create a system for going to school that works for you. Whether you need sticky notes or extra notebook buy the supplies that help you be the most productive and efficient.
  • Get a planner you can write in: Tracking time, priorities, appointments, check-ins, and homework assignments takes organizations. A planner or a calendar is a place you can write everything down and have it all organized.
  • Buy a lunchbox: Keeping yourself well fed during the school day helps your brain stay focused, your energy sustainable, and help you retain all the new knowledge you are gaining.
  • Plan recovery phone calls: In your planner, you can schedule times throughout the day to check in with your sponsor, mentor, therapist, or recovery friends. In the beginning, it will help to be accountable.
  • Find ways to be involved in school: Through your participation in twelve step programs and the alumni program at your treatment center, you’ve learned how important it is to be involved. You don’t want to sign up for so many involvements that your schedule becomes too cramped and overwhelming. By getting involved, you’ll meet new people, pursue new interests, and build your resume for a powerful future.


Simple Recovery has made treatment simple again. Our treatment programs are offered on a continuum of action-oriented care. Providing a three-tiered program, clients transition at their own pace until they are prepared to fully integrate recovery into their lives. For information on our Orange County programs, call us today: 888-743-0490