Is Vivitrol Effective?


Today’s day and age have brought the invention and implementation of prescription medications that help fight substance dependence.  Until recently, someone who suffered from addiction had few options to help with their cravings and withdrawals.  Several decades ago, methadone was invented, but it has the potential of creating a whole new list of problems.  Methadone is used to treat the withdrawals of various opiate drugs.  The problem is it is still an opiate, therefore enabling its potential for addiction.

Scientists have been working hard to come up with an effective treatment that is non-addictive and Vivitrol appears to fit the bill for this.  It is used as an alternative to methadone, helping treat addiction to opiates and alcohol.  As an opioid antagonist, Vivitrol blocks opioid receptors from receiving pleasure from opioids or alcohol.  A small amount of people experience mild side effects from using Vivitrol including nausea, headache, dizziness, and depression, but many patients don’t realize a difference.  A pill, taken once daily, or an injection given once per month, can reduce a person’s desire to drink or use and helps maintain abstinence in early recovery.  

Many people who suffer from addiction want an easy fix to their problem, and they might look at Vivitrol as their answer.  It’s important to note that Vivitrol is meant to be used with other forms of treatment, such as therapy.  Addiction is more than chemical dependence; it happens from hoarding underlying mental and emotional issues, which leads to physical dependence on a substance.  Vivitrol helps treat the withdrawal and physical dependence aspect of addiction, but there is still much work to be done.  If you don’t identify and tackle the causes, you will likely return to substance abuse the moment you stop taking Vivitrol.  The damage it causes to the liver prevents you from taking it for a long period of time, so it is imperative to seek additional help, such as twelve step meetings.  While there are still many advancements to be made in the medical world regarding addiction, Vivitrol is an effective and non-addictive aid in overcoming addiction.

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