Is Psychological Addiction Real?

Mental health

Perhaps you’ve heard other people say it, or maybe you’ve said it yourself, “I’m not physically addicted, so there’s no problem”. American society has been primarily focused with physical pain and physical addiction, because they provide visual evidence that a problem is there. However, psychological addiction can occur – even when a physical addiction isn’t there. Business Insider states that there is one primary question that should be asked when discussing the topic of psychological addiction: “Is someone’s drug or alcohol habit interfering with their everyday life”?

The reason why this question is so important is because most people – when not dependent or addicted by any means – can quit something that is interfering with their life and is causing them distress or unhappiness. If a person’s substance abuse is causing them relationship troubles, for example, they may want to quit in order to maintain a happy relationship. A person who is psychologically and/or physically addicted to a drug, however, will find this extremely hard, if not impossible, to do on their own. A person shared their story with being psychologically addicted to marijuana on a blog hosted by the Scientific American. This is a clip from their story:

The most ominous thing I heard about marijuana was that people who smoked it might get psychologically addicted. I was under the impression that one could defeat psychological addiction with a simple decision not to use.”

While not using a drug does help someone to not become psychologically addicted, the reality is that it’s much easier said than done. The main reason for abusing substances is typically for the euphoric feelings – the high – that is experienced. To not take the drug is to not experience the high. Many people do not want to do this.

Healthy Place notes that psychological addiction occurs when a person craves the drug in order to relieve stress or pain. There is a fine line between recreational use and addiction, but most often the line is crossed when a person feels unable to stop their use. If you have an addiction, make the decision to seek help today. There are many resources available.

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