Is Music Therapy Good For Your Health?

Guy playing guitar
Parents are suggested to play music to their unborn children for a reason. Mobiles and children’s toys, as well as children’s videos and learning tools, all include melodies. Music influences the brain and the body. Calming, emotional, invigorating, grounding, focusing- when music affects the brain, it also affects the physical form. When we hear a favorite song, melody, tune, or sound, we suddenly melt. All of the tension in our body is relieved as we hear a familiar song. Our minds wander to the place in time the music is associated with and the calm, stress-free way that time felt. Thrust into the present moment of the music, we experience great stress relief. The body experiences stress release, movement, and other beneficial side effects. As a mind and body experience, addiction is greatly benefitted by music therapy because music is an experience for the body and the mind.


Music is a pain reliever

Pain lives in the mind as much as it lives in the body. When the body experiences physical pain it sends messages to the brain, which sends messages back to the body. Holistic health methods and alternative healing practices work by stopping the communication channel. Changing the message, the brain stops creating/interpreting messages of pain. Music can activate the numerous opioid systems in the brain which are related to pain relief. Opioid painkillers are pain killers because they interact with these pain relieving opioid systems. Hearing a song, relaxing the muscles, and feeling the woosh of warmth wash over you is the same effect as a pain relieving medication.


Music is a stress reliever

When pain is relieved, often a great amount of stress is relieved. Stress is an internal experience that has an effect on the entire body. Research has related stress to inflammation, which can occur on a molecular level. Relieving stress is critical for maintaining physical and mental health. Music relieves stress both physically and mentally, benefitting health.


Music is an insomnia reliever

A major contributor to stress is a lack of sleep. Ambience machines use music in different ways to help calm the mind and activate a deep need for rest. Music is not necessarily song. Music can be sound, like the soundtrack of a spa.