Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Can Reduce Cravings for Drugs and Alcohol

“You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy…” these are the words we most often think of when we think of hypnotherapy or hypnosis. We might imagine a swinging pocket watch and the snap of the fingers, inducing someone into a hypnotic state. We see them telling us to make noises like a chicken and stand on one foot. Hypnosis for entertainment is different than hypnosis for therapeutic healing.


Hypnotherapy takes a different form. Starting with deep relaxation, a hypnotherapist brings a client into a state of deep relaxation in which they are more suggestible. Suggestibility is a state of being more open to suggestion, or what might be described as “an idea or plan put forward for consideration”. Many people avoid seeking treatment and beginning the recovery process because they are not capable of being open to suggestion. First, the idea of going to treatment does not sound like a plan they are willing to consider because, the second part, is the idea of sobriety. The recovery lifestyle and learning to live without drugs and alcohol is not a suggestion they can follow without support. Open-mindedness is an often talked about theme in recovery as is taking suggestions. In twelve step communities especially, as well as in treatment settings, people are encouraged to take suggestions in order to learn how to stay sober and survive. Hypnotherapy can be the bridge which crosses over open-mindedness directly into taking suggestion. When the mind is more willing and open, greater change can take place.


A hypnotherapist is able to suggest ideas to the patient about recovery, sobriety, and staying in treatment. Clients who use hypnotherapy as part of their process see a reduction in cravings and triggers for using. Hypnotherapist is not the same as mind control and there are many ethics which come with the practice of hypnotherapy. Waking up to feelings of open-mindedness, less cravings, and more hope, clients can move forward through treatment more effortlessly with greater success.
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