How to Seek Help When You Currently Have Little Support

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Managing a mental illness or dealing with a painful life event can be challenging, especially if you feel you have nobody to lean on for guidance and support. Many people who struggle to cope with symptoms of grief, depression, anxiety and more attempt to self-medicate through drinking and use of drugs. In fact, nearly 20.8 million people in the United States struggle with substance use disorder – it’s safe to say that many of these people began using to cope with painful emotions and external events – most likely both.

Oftentimes, painful situations can cause us to feel as if there is no reason to continue trying anymore. When we feel as though our meaning in life is gone, we care less about our health and other crucial areas of life such as work responsibilities, home life and social relationships. This is confirmed by a study published in the Journal of Social Service Research, which found that a lack of meaning in life is associated with substance abuse, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Perhaps you tried reaching out to someone when you first noticed signs that your mental health was declining, and they responded poorly or not at all. You may have even ignored subtle signs that you felt unwanted, uncared for, unloved, etc. No matter what your circumstance is, it’s never too late to seek help. Most people feel that if their immediate friends and family do not support them, they have slim to no chance at having a healthy, happy life. However, sometimes we grow up in families and neighborhoods that do not provide us with the support that we truly need – and it’s okay to seek it elsewhere.

For example, reaching out to a therapist is a wonderful way to begin learning of any co-occurring disorders you may have. As mentioned earlier, most people with a substance abuse disorder often find themselves experiencing depression, anxiety, or something else. If you haven’t been officially diagnosed yet, obtaining an official diagnosis may provide you with a piece of mind as to what you’re going through. Additionally, checking yourself into a rehabilitation treatment center is an excellent way to garner support from people who want you to succeed. Most often people in treatment centers end up making friends with others and gaining valuable connections that last a lifetime.

If you haven’t yet, reach out to someone today. There are many people you can rely on – even if they are not a part of your immediate family.

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