How Shyness Can Be Social Anxiety

How Shyness Can Be Social Anxiety

Having social anxiety disorder means the constant worrying of embarrassing yourself, extreme anxiety before a social situation, being scared in public, sweating, trembling, dizziness, and nausea when around a lot of people. It is possible that you may think this is just being introverted when in really you have a condition that needs treatment. By being able to tell the difference between shyness and social anxiety disorder, you will know whether or not how serious your anxiety around people is and what you can do about it.

One way that your shyness may be social anxiety is if you are scared all of the time when you are in social situations. It is typical to be scared if you are to speak to a room full of people or are about to embark on a new job. If this fear of being in a room full of people is so intense that you feel like running, then you know that this is the result of a mental disorder. A second way you will know is when you have irrational thoughts of what you think will happen to you if you are surrounded by a lot of people that will most likely not occur in real life. You will believe that something bad will always happen even if you have had good experiences with people before. You could be picturing yourself messing up your words or saying something stupid instead of believing that everything will be okay.

A third way is if you are experiencing the physical symptoms of anxiety. It may be typical to experience butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous. It is another thing to be constantly feeling sweating, rapid breathing, nausea, and dizziness in every social situation. No one should have to suffer with these symptoms every day. A fourth way is if your relationships are negatively affected. It may be hard to make friends when you are shy, but it is even more difficult with social anxiety. You start to feel all of the symptoms of anxiety with your friends and family when everything used to be fine when you were with them. It can make keeping them in your social circle a struggle. In order to prevent you avoidance of social events altogether and keeping your friends and family close with you, get help from a professional to differentiate between shyness and social anxiety.

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