How has World Wrestling Entertainment Star Eva Maria Struggled with Alcoholism?


Even when we think we know an entertainer, there are aspects of their life that are often hidden to the general public. Former WWE star, celebrity on “Total Divas”, fashion designer and fitness model Eva Maria has come out regarding her struggle with alcoholism through a personal essay that she submitted to In Style Magazine. She stated,

“I’m an alcoholic. I have relapsed, destroyed relationships, hurt my family, and disappointed myself numerous times. I will be an alcoholic for the rest of my life. That fact that I have been sober for almost five years doesn’t mean that I am ‘cured’, it doesn’t mean that I had a drinking phase in my 20s, and it doesn’t mean that I can have a few drinks now and again or just drink in moderation. There are no shades of grey when it comes to alcoholism – it’s black and white”.

Eva entered into a 12-step program and has been working the steps every day. She explained the trouble she experienced before seeking treatment:

“…My life was a mess, and I’d hit rock bottom. I served three months in jail for repeated DUIs. I didn’t have a license, I didn’t have a stable job, and I was living in an apartment that I could only afford due to a heavy discount my landlord offered me because a murder had taken place there between the previous tenants. That’s what my life looked like right before I started down my road to sobriety”.

While many believe that celebrity life is amazing, there are many challenges that go along with this. Pressure to succeed is a huge burden for many people, which is why several celebrities fall under because they don’t have the right social support, boundaries, and self-coping mechanisms to handle all of the stress. For this star in particular, it seems that recovery has lifted her up and provided her with the strength and understanding she needs to work past alcoholism. She isn’t the only one – you can too. Better days are right around the corner for you. Make the decision to seek the help you need today.

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