How Guided Meditation Can Increase Gratitude

How Guided Meditation Can Increase Gratitude

Guided meditation can increase gratitude when used appropriately in daily practice, or even just every-so-often. It is meant to help start your day in a calm way but it may also be a gentle way to ease into a peaceful slumber. In meditation, it is important to find a calm space to practice, if only for a few moments. This will help cement the feeling of connection to yourself and the practice.

Why it Helps

One of the methods that grounds people during and after practice is to focus on a specific mantra. Having a mantra to focus on can carry you throughout the day, no matter where you go. When you start your meditation practice, it is easy to not know what to expect from it. With most things in life lately, it is more focused on ‘doing,’ than ‘being.’ it is a learning experience to be at peace in the moment where you are. That moment is enough and you are enough right now, as you are.

Mind Tricks

Meditation is a state of being, not doing. When you are in the moment, you realize you are enough and everything you’re experiencing is enough. Meditation helps us learn to let go. Meditation is about bathing in the here and now. Finding peace with who we are, where we are, is an important practice. It is important to know:

  • The mind will fight back and thoughts will wander
  • The brain is always firing so always going, moving, thinking
  • The intention behind rest is to exhale and reset focus while meditating without judgment

Letting Go

More than anything in life, to find gratitude, it takes willpower and intention. Once you set an intention to be more mindful, you can accept where you are, right now, and find ways of incorporating this sense of being into everything you do. Guided meditations are helpful as a daily practice because it strips everything else away and helps us see what is really important. When you are able to find space to cultivate gratitude, everything else in life seems to fall into place more easily and you feel more at ease with your own life. You also take more ownership of your personal experiences and begin to see life through a new lens of being grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on your desires or wants, and staying present to knowing what you have right now is enough.

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