How Does Simplicity Fit Into Recovery?

Recovery road

If you have just made the decision to seek treatment for substance abuse, you may likely be feeling overwhelmed. Recovery is often seen as a multi-faceted entity to which a person regains, over time, control, happiness, health, sustainability, and maintenance through a variety of activities and daily habits exhibited through treatment. The overarching concept of recovery is quite simple: you are here to change your life for the better.  This simple, declarative statement gives way to the freedom that can emerge from this, the power and determination that is instilled in you, and the wonderful opportunity full of support that you have, right at your footsteps.

Recovery is simple, but we make it complicated. We complicate it with thoughts and feelings from our past, worries about our future, and expectations we place on the present. We complicate it through endless excuses, negative statements, and unguided decisions. If you want to live a better, healthier life, you must choose every day to change for the better. This doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes – it just means that you must remind yourself of why you’ve started and the weight of benefit this recovery has for you.

One step to simplify your recovery is to identify a treatment center that holds the same values and perceptions towards addiction recovery that you do – one that resonates with you in terms of treatment methods, guidelines, and more. Social support is incredibly important, and the right treatment center can provide you with connections to addiction recovery leaders, peers, successful alumni, health care providers, and more. A 2007 study conducted by researchers from Connecticut and New York found that social support could boost one’s resiliency to stress – a common feeling for those in recovery.

Additionally, you must focus on your recovery one step at a time. Your therapist and group support leader will be able to help you identify daily/weekly goals towards your recovery, and stay focused on them. Attend every meeting, tape up reminders around your room, and speak with positive people who support your recovery every day. Lastly, have patience with yourself during this time of growth. Patience is required because recovery is a lifelong process and many physical and psychological wounds take time to heal.

With the right resources and social support, you can be on your way to a happier, healthier life.

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