How Does Learning Life Skills in Treatment Apply to Real-World Recovery?

man in counseling session

Learning to live without drugs and alcohol is more than learning to live without drugs and alcohol. Those who believe quitting addiction is simple are often the people in treatment who relapse the fastest. Addiction isn’t just about using drug and alcohol. Addiction is a disorder which controls how the brain thinks and the body functions. Most people who come to treatment are surprised by the depth of the effect addiction was having on their lives. It isn’t until they finally get sober and start navigating the new waters of living without drugs and alcohol that they are able to recognize it. Everything from waking up in the morning, remembering to practice personal hygiene, going to the grocery store, managing a bank account, interacting with coworkers, having a job or keeping a job, driving the car, choosing an outfit in the morning…all of the small actions which make us who we are and our lives what they are exists in the brain. Addiction and alcoholism live in the brain. Therefore, every part of our lives, that is, every part of our brain, is affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Thus, living sober requires more skills than simply abstaining form drugs and alcohol. Every area of life that was affected by addiction has to be re-learned and given life skills so that area of life never has to include drugs and alcohol again.

Life skills are what help us manage our lives in sobriety  and stay sober. Learning to manage social skills, working skills, skills for school, nutritional skills, emotional skills, and other skills helps us manage our sobriety because we are able to reduce our cravings. Cravings for drugs and alcohol are primarily caused by stress. Stress of any kind in the brain triggers cravings because the brain learns through addiction to default to drug and alcohol use when things are stressful or unmanageable. Manageability through life skills development reduces stress. When we learn how to manage our lives, we learn how to manage our stress which helps us manage our sobriety.


Simple Recovery focuses on the development of life skills and real world applications for sobriety. We meet each client where they are in their life and help them build a life of their dreams through living sober. Our multiphase programs help clients transition from treatment to work or school, under the careful and supportive watch of a professional clinical team. Start your recovery today by calling us at: 888-743-0490