How Do You Work Full Time and Hide Your Addiction?

woman at work with coworkers
Addiction is a powerful, time consuming disease that shows no mercy to its victims.  There is an endless list of substances an individual can become addicted to.  No matter what a person’s drug of choice is, addiction presents itself the same way with nearly all substances and behaviors.  What probably starts out as casual recreational use, can turn to risky or heavy use fairly quickly.  Once you’re controlled by the strings of addiction, you don’t have much choice over your use or things that happen in your life.  
Addiction itself is a full time job.  The amount of effort it takes to maintain a using lifestyle is exhausting.  The endless cycle begins with finding your desired substance, which depending on what it is, can be quite an endeavor.  For alcohol, the accessibility isn’t the hard part, but if your drug of choice is heroin or cocaine, it can take more effort.  The actual act of using becomes the easy part.  It is everything surrounding the using that is difficult; the finding, lying, hiding, and manipulating.  
If you’re addicted, it is quite possible you use or drink at work.  Addiction doesn’t let you take a break to be productive.  Your body and your mind work against you, so addiction maintenance is an uphill battle.  You may think you’re successful at hiding your addiction from your family, friends, and coworkers, but most of these people know you have a problem, and people talk.  Alcohol and drugs come with physical identifiers that usually make it easy for others to spot.  In addition, your priorities begin to show when you’re constantly leaving early, showing up late, or missing deadlines.  Once people start to notice something is off, they pay more attention to your behaviors and physical attributes.  
For most people, having two full time jobs isn’t plausible.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to fully devote to both.  Addiction typically makes it impossible to maintain a good status at work because it requires too much effort and will always take precedence over anything else.  Addicts and alcoholics usually try to combine work with their substance use, which can be quite dangerous.  Even if you’re not operating heavy machinery, you likely drive under the influence to get to and from work which risks dozens of lives along the way.  If you have gotten to the point where you’re using on the job and trying to figure out ways to maintain and find balance for both, you likely need help in overcoming your addiction.  
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