How do you Leave Guilt and Shame out of an Interview?

woman interviewing
Addiction causes many more problems other than solely being addicted to something.  Sure, you use and you keep using, but why?  Addiction causes severe cravings and compulsive, immoral, drug-seeking behaviors.  A person who suffers from addiction, although they may not show it, is deeply ashamed of themselves and their actions.  They truly feel guilty for the things they do and the way they treat others.  
When you get clean and sober and are putting the pieces of your life back together, it’s hard to change the way you think and feel.  Most people new to recovery know they must change practically everything, including their thinking, but it’s hard to flip an invisible switch.  Even though you may feel proud that you’re not using anymore, you could still feel guilty for the things you have done and shameful of who you are.  
When you have your first job interview, you may wonder how much information about your personal life you should disclose.  The answer is you don’t have to tell anybody about your past or your present personal life.  Recovery teaches us to be honest and open with those around us, but there is a place and time for that.  You may, in time, want to tell your employer who you are, if you choose.  If you decide to tell them you’re in recovery during the first interview, that’s okay too, but understand that it may be better to gain an employer’s trust first before revealing such personal details.  Legally, they are not allowed to disqualify you based upon your past.
If you decide not to divulge your sobriety to your potential employer, it can revert you back to those similar feelings of guilt and shame.  It’s important not to let yourself feel shameful because shame fuels addiction.  In recovery, we do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.  You may hear people say they’re grateful for their addiction for without mistakes we cannot grow.  When you decide to keep the fact you’re in recovery from your potential employer, it’s not because you regret who you are.  Business is separate from personal life, and it’s okay to keep those details to yourself.
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