How Do I Work With a New Therapist after Treatment?

New Therapist after Treatment
Part of the treatment process includes regular sessions with an individual therapist. Through every level of treatment, you will be working with you individual therapist once, twice, or three times a week. Transitional programs like the one at Simple Recovery allow you to maintain your relationship with your therapist while you move from one level of care to the next. After treatment, however, it is required that you find a new therapist to work with. Relapse prevention and stress management skills include maintaining regular sessions with an individual therapist.


Simple Recovery will work with you through mental health planning so you can graduate your last level of care with confidence of what therapist you’ll be seeing and your program for care ongoing. Shopping for a new therapist can feel stressful. During treatment, you’ve worked hard to build a trusting relationship with your therapist. In just a few months of treatment, you and your therapist have gone through so much together. They have seen you at your worst and helped you grow into a better version of yourself. It is the role of every therapist to prepare their patient to move onto a new therapist. Therapy will not suddenly end for you and leave you thrown into a new session. Once you and your therapist have found a new therapist to work with, it is likely they will be in communication. You will transition through therapy as seamlessly as possible.


Your first session with your new therapist will still be a little uncomfortable. You are still human, which means you might have some resentments about leaving your old therapist or judgments against your new therapist. Most likely, your new therapist will help you understand how that is simply rooted in fear. This transition will be the first challenge you and your therapist can work through together, which will help establish the relationship. After creating a bond of trust, you can start to dive into some of the deeper issues going on and continue your important work in recovery.


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