How Do I Cope With School Anxiety?

boy reading by tree
Going back to school is a gift of recovery and a responsibility. Becoming more accountable to your responsibilities is also a gift of recovery, but it can be nerve-wracking.


Start practicing for school a few weeks before school

Your anxiety could be caused by the anticipation that you will not be able to adjust going back to school. Nightmares about sleeping through your alarm, forgetting your homework, and being out of sorts causes anxiety. Start practicing for school a few weeks before you have to go back to school. Get ready for bed earlier, go to sleep earlier, and set your alarm for earlier, incrementally. Dedicate two weeks to waking up and making yourself breakfast every morning and preparing a lunch. You’ll feel more confident in your work routines and you’ll feel better about making the transition back to school. Another helpful activity is to go to your campus and walk the course of your classes to understand the routes you’ll need to take, or want to take during the day.


Talk with your support network about your anxiety

After making it out of addiction and alive and going through treatment, you have proven to yourself that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Keep in touch with the people who have seen you overcome some of your greatest challenges in recovery. They will remind you have how strong, brave, and capable you are. In addition, they will give you helpful advice, encouragement, and tips for keeping a balanced lifestyle as you head back to school.


Share about it in meetings

You are unlikely to be the only person in recovery who made the bold decision to go back to school. If you are in a program like the ones offered at Simple Recovery, you are seeing people make the transition into their sober lives every single day. At 12 step meetings, you can share about your anxiety going back to school in recovery. Not only will you find support from people who have walked a similar path before you, but you will help others by inspiring them to know one day they can go back to school as well.


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