How Color Therapy Can Improve Mental Health

Color markers

It is hard to deal with uncontrollable chaos whether it is paying your bills, doing house chores, taking care of your family, or work-related stress. In the first half of the 20th century, psychologist Carl Jung would study the coloring of Mandalas as they had different circles and geometric patterns. He realized when he had patients color Mandalas that it made them calmer and less stressed. Those who have emotional and mental health issues such as OCD, anxiety, eating and bingeing disorder, depression, anger management, and substance abuse can benefit from this form of therapy. Color therapy can help alleviate mental health symptoms and can help occupy your mind in a healthier way.

Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala says that coloring uses logic to pick which color to use for shapes and patterns, making use of the analytical part of the brain. When it comes to deciding which colors to mix and match, that is using the creative side of the brain. You better control of your vision as well as your coordination and fine motor skills. Coloring is also a good way to connect with your inner child as going back to your childhood will help you remember a happier, stress-free time and forget the troubles of your adult life. Coloring can be very relaxing as you are coloring round circles and patterns of ancient designs.

Coloring can also help you with mental health disorders. Anxiety and panic attacks can cause thoughts of death, nausea, headaches, constant worrying, chills, insomnia, and more. Coloring can help you go deeper into your relaxation state by calm down your amygdala, the part of the brain that keeps people in panic and worry, by turning those responses down and helping your brain relax.

Coloring can help relieve symptoms such as with Cari Schofield who had epilepsy. When she colored, it helped her calm down and relaxed to alleviate her epileptic attacks. Your mind can also be improved when it comes to picking out colors in clothes and interiors. Work performance can be strengthened as well since you will have the ability to use the analytical left side of your brain and the creative right side of the brain. Whether you color using printables, books, or online, coloring is a great way to not only show off your creativity but to de-stress yourself and focus on coloring in all of the patterns in the picture.

We all cope in different ways. Learning your specific coping skills, the way you meet, greet, and comprehend life, enhances your recovery and protects you from relapse. Simple Recovery works with each client individually, creating customized treatment pans for healing mind, body, and spirit. Our multi-tiered program is designed to help your loved one find success on a new path in life through school, work, and meaningful volunteering. Structured for progress, clients at Simple Recovery transition seamlessly through each phase of their recovery.

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