How can Treatment Help me to Restore my Life?

Restore REfresh

When it comes to addiction, some consider at-home detox a quicker, cheaper alternative to a treatment center. If you are contemplating this, you may be thinking, “As long as I’m getting off substances, why should it matter where it happens?” The location matters greatly, however, because it determines how much medical support you will have. Detox can be painful because the body will go through withdrawals – even shock, causing death – if a person doesn’t undergo the process correctly. Having a medical care team around to monitor you 24/7 and give you medication if it’s needed makes treatment well worth the cost.

Treatment after detox is crucial for your recovery success. This is evidenced in a 2012 study from John Hopkins Medicine, which found that ongoing treatment following detox significantly increased individual’s chances for remaining drug-free 6 months later. Relapse rates for people being discharged immediately after detox are 65% to 85% but attending a treatment program afterwards can make you 10 times more likely to stay abstinent. One of the main reasons treatment is so successful is because of the structure it provides. From day one, you are establishing a daily routine that is conducive to your recovery. This structure is essential, because addiction’s demands tend to cause a lot of unraveling in people’s lives.

Treatment can also be extremely beneficial because it provides you with support. A study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that individuals in long-term recovery for substance abuse found social and community support to be very important in both establishing and maintaining their recovery status. With a treatment center, you will automatically gain a team of healthcare professionals who will work with you to establish and meet your recovery goals. In addition to that, you will be able to meet others who have similar goals – peers whom you can engage with during treatment, but also people whom you may become lifelong friends with.

Lastly, a treatment program enables you to develop the tools you need while learning and practicing in a safe, supportive environment. Group sessions provide for further understanding in activities and discussion, and various treatment methods will help you learn new skills while working through some of the issues you’ve been going through – whether at a conscious or subconscious level. Treatment helps to restore your life in a variety of ways, most of all serving as a catalyst for change within your life.

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