How can I See the Bigger Picture of Life?

Man in suit staring at sun and sky

Perspective is important for every aspect of life – no matter what age you are, where you’re located, or how much money you make, perspective is what determines whether your life is filled with mainly happiness or sadness, challenges or victories, and more. When we are in the midst of chaos, it’s easy to become too involved with the negativity – after all, that’s the part that’s causing us pain. The Huffington Post states 2 main ways in which we lose sight of the bigger picture:

  • Fighting back with someone without realizing what their day was like or what might be going through their head
  • Shutting down and shutting out people when difficult situations arise

Elite Daily notes several ways that you can embrace yourself, in the moment, experience whatever it is the present has to offer you:

  • Provide your input, even if others don’t agree
  • Focus on what you do have, not on what you don’t
  • Understand that if you don’t like something in your life, you can change it
  • Recognize that other people are just as important as yourself
  • Refuse to listen to those you put down your goals and dreams
  • Celebrate your achievements in life
  • Make time for friends and family
  • See each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Understand that your life won’t last forever

When we decide to stop hyper-focusing on the things that are going “wrong” in our lives, we make way for new experiences and opportunities to learn and grow, and suddenly life becomes much more fulfilling. We cannot control a lot of things in life, so it’s only natural that we shouldn’t attempt to! Doing so can cause a lot of worry and stress, which we don’t need.

The next time you get a mean look from a stranger at a grocery store, or you get honked at by someone on the highway, remind yourself of all the people that did hold nice interactions with you that day; remember the person that let you through a line of traffic, just to be nice. If we can make our positive moments a big deal and our unpleasant ones a lesser one, we may be much better off.

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